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The Next Web names AirMarkr in “Hot 11”

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Highlights from the AR Glasses Showcase and Hackathon

A huge big thank you to everyone that helped make it happen. You Is Now and ImmobilienScout24 for providing such a lovely venue and support, Epson, Optinvent and HERE for sending over your brilliant people to share knowledge and for providing the wonderful prizes. Also special thanks to Klasien of Lava Lab and Ronan from SQRL also for making the trip and giving such deeply insightful and interesting talks.



MLOVE Grand Prize winner is… AirMarkr!


By a unanimous jury decision thank you very much. Even without the competition, MLOVE would still be the most magical conference I’ve ever attended. I mean, what can beat hanging out with inspiring, super smart people from all around the world, in an actual castle! Thanks Harald and Ewa for creating such a special confestival.

AR Glasses Showcase and Hackathon: Thu. Jul. 17 - Fri. Jul. 18th

We’re organising two days of learning, hacking, exploring and sharing of ideas. Come join us!

It’s shaping up to be quite an exciting event with a few pairs of ORA from Optinvent which is yet to be released, and Epson giving away a Moverio BT-200 as a prize! More announcements to come…

ImmobilienScout24 HQ – Andreasstrasse 10 Berlin, 10243

Apr. 24. 14

AR Workshop through Open Tech School!

This time around we dove right in and got everyone to have test out the AR SDK for mobile from Metaio. We used the Tutorials App which gives you a cute little tiger to play with, and easy plug and go codes to make it roar, jump and do other fun actions. Big thanks again to Simon Burkard for teaching the tutorial.

Apr. 22. 14

Through AR Berlin, we hosted an AR Seminar for the Berlin Geekettes. We were lucky enough to have Simon Burkard, the developer behind some innovative apps based on computer vision such as Pixolu (a semantic image search tool, now called Pixolution) and co-founder of Happy Measure (a 3D augmented reality ruler) teach the session. 

Hipster Kitty’s already a fan

We’ve been kind of keeping a low profile, but we’re going to be slowly coming out of the woodwork. We’ve not been posting much as yet, but follow us on Facebook and Twitter, and you’ll be kept up to date with developments.

Plus you’ll be totally upping your hipster kitty street cred by being an in-the-know early follower ;) 

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twitter: @airmarkr


We want YOU!

Does the idea of drawing in the air excite you? Want to join the team making it happen?

To be able to freely and expressively sketch out your ideas in 3D real space, anywhere. That’s what we’re building at AirMarkr, and if you’d like to join us in our mission, get in touch!

We’re looking for graphic designers, 3D modellers, creative/artistic coders, and support in iOS and Android.


Looking forward to hearing from you!

Behind the scenes shots in the making of the Me The Machine video.

Roman testing the Mi.Mu gloves: photo credits Kelly Snook
Imogen air marking for the shoot: photo credits Adrian Lausch. 


Back in June of last year, we were invited by Imogen to collaborate with her team on making realtime visualisations (Imogen wanted no post production trickery, what you see is what happened live in front of the camera). This was significant because it was going to be the first ever music video made featuring her amazing Mi.Mu Gloves. And now it’s finally out :) Enjoy!