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Thumbs up from Mike Butcher

Though getting the nod from the US Ambassador was not nearly as exciting as getting the thumbs up from Mike Butcher of TechCrunch! If you’d like to follow us too, it’s @mihoberlin and @airmarkr .

A visit from the US Ambassador - AirMarkr “impressive”

It was an intense and incredibly worthwhile week taking part in the Google Launchpad at the Factory Berlin. We learned a great deal from the mentors and other start-ups, and it was pretty neat to have the US Ambassador and his wife visit and tweet about @airmarkr :)


AirMarkr has been invited to present at one of the loveliest, most intimate, surprising and inspiring tech event series that is MLOVE.


AirMarkr on an episode of In The Making!

AR, Robotics, and Rehabilitation

Jens Lambrecht and Ekaterina Ivanova were kind enough to give me a tour of the Robotics Department at the Berlin Institute of Technology to show me their respective Ph.D Projects: Jens in Intuitive Programming of Industrial Robots through Gestures and Augmented Reality, Ekaterina in Human-Machine interfaces and use of robotics in healthcare. Needless to say, I was in nerd heaven! Thanks again guys, I had so much fun :D

RE.WORK Internet of Things Summit – SF, Nov. 6-7

AirMarkr has been invited to present at the Re.Work IoT Summit, so come join us if you’re in San Francisco. We’ll be making an exciting announcement there, so stay tuned!


AirMarkr “hottest 7 startups of Germany” – LeWeb

Our friends Optinvent are doing a Kickstarter!

If you came to our AR Glasses Showcase and Hackathon a while back, you would have heard the really insightful talk by Khaled Sarayeddine, CTO of Optinvent, and perhaps tried out their yet to be released ORA-1.

Well, now it’s out on Kickstarter! Go check it out it’s got some pretty exciting features. 



The Next Web names AirMarkr in “Hot 11”

Read the article here:


Highlights from the AR Glasses Showcase and Hackathon

A huge big thank you to everyone that helped make it happen. You Is Now and ImmobilienScout24 for providing such a lovely venue and support, Epson, Optinvent and HERE for sending over your brilliant people to share knowledge and for providing the wonderful prizes. Also special thanks to Klasien of Lava Lab and Ronan from SQRL also for making the trip and giving such deeply insightful and interesting talks.